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Our Solutions

Connected remote care has the potential to ease the growing financial burden of healthcare. With connected medical devices, healthcare providers can remotely monitor at-risk patients and make informed interventions to prevent costly trips to the emergency room. Prognosys Digital Health Platform provides customers with scalable connectivity solutions, allowing them to focus on developing next-generation remote care solutions that empower patients to be active participants in their healthcare.

M - Health

Our vision of providing a truly cross-platform, inter-operable and integrated solutions with workflows implemented for various for personas in the healthcare delivery chain. The platform has mobile applications for the Health workers, Clinicians, Technologists, Screening solutions, Specialists and Patients

E - Pathology

Our solution can measure metrics like Heart rate, ECG, Blood pressure, Blood type, or Body temperature to diagnose diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Hepatitis B, HIV-1 and HIV-2, and Typhoid. Uses disposable strips to perform a variety of other diagnostics on urine and blood samples.


The eOPD solutions has two parts Patient registration and Vital signs recording. Patient registration representatives can register the patient by recording information like demographics medical history. They may then record the reason for visit and measure the vitals, so that the data is already ready for the Doctor to analyse during consultation.

E - Clinic

With it's vast knowledge and expertise in deploying digital solutions that use modern communication and IT technologies to connect with a range of medical devices, Prognosys combines all of these and offers one of the first of it's kind E-Clinics.


It is an innovative, sophisticated and portable telemedicine kit providing frontline care in remote areas. It is stocked with all the equipment and commonly used mobile medical devices needed for a telemedicine visit. These kiosks are affordable and can be purchased by companies or retail clinics to extend healthcare offerings to all.

Tele Medicine

As a part of Government of India’s initial entry into Telemedicine through ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Prognosys implemented Tele Medicine over 650 nodes across the country. Prognosys telemedicine has continued to be the application of choice for NHM (National Health Mission) in the state of Maharashtra and many corporate hospitals.

Tele Opthalmology

Web based solution that combines live teleconsult platform and advanced ocular imaging, with integrated Electronic Medical Records. Platform can be used for screening of chronic eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinopathy.

Screening Solutions

Our Screening Software solution is a fully customizable suite of software tools which assist you to deliver your health screening programme from end-2-end. The software is intuitive and understandable for both patient and health worker. The software is very flexible so that the referral workflows can bwe customised.

Our Services

Prognosys utilizes its vast domain expertise in healthcare and IT to present various healthcare services combining the amazing potential of Cloud computing, IOT, interoperability and big data analysis. Implementing Clinical workflows with least manual interference by enabling devices to seamlessly transfer data onto our applications is a key feature of the services offered by Prognosys.

Device Integration

We have integrated over 30 healthcare devices into the Prognosys Digital Health Platform. We have also applied our rigorous, field-tested methodology to Prognosys Digital Health Platform and Prognosys Digital Health Mobile to ensure compatibility across an expansive array of mobile computing and medical device technology.

Chronic Disease Management

We empower patients to participate in their own care through remote patient assessments. The system collects, analyzes, and reports health data to doctors specified in the patient's care circle. Doctors can follow up with their patients who need a reminder to take their medication or get the vitals checked again.

Digital Transformation

We help to address security and compliance issues by enabling HIPAA EDI transactions and fill other gaps such as information inaccuracy and patient's lack of access to their healthcare information. It enables organized, compliant, accurate, and efficient exchange of healthcare data and establish national and global standards.

Home Healthcare

We enable health information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for individuals and communities by achieving global interoperability via HL7 at foundational, structural and semantic level.

Our Platform

Prognosys Digital Health is a Platform for healthcare & Service providers. It is a composition of services, capabilities and tools designed for connected innovations in health and wellness. It provides a framework of interoperability, connectivity and analysis.

Digital Health Platform

Aim of the Prognosys Digital Health Platform is to foster the growth of a digital ecosystem linking healthcare providers and solution providers and bring together their data, applications and services. Data from multiple systems and other healthcare ecosystem platforms can be integrated with V4 All electronic health records (EHR), to provide an improved customer experience and drive new solutions.

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