E - Clinic

ProHealth™ Digital E-clinics are technology-enabled, smart clinics equipped with the following:

Key Components
  • Digital Radiology System
  • Digital Pathology System
    • Bio Chemistry
    • Haematology
    • Immunology
  • POC systems for Epidemiology – TB; HIV; Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • POC systems for Ophthalmology; ENT; Vital Signs;
  • POC systems for Cancer detection – Cervical and Breast
  • Cloud enabled software integrated with these medical devices

The entire system is built on a “Patient centric” Digital Health platform wherein all medical tests and disease related communication of a patient generates an Electronic Health record (EHR).The Digital E clinic is powered by the software which is architected on the concepts of:

  • Medical Device Integration (MDI) solution
  • A flexible module based system
  • Can be configured for many purposes:
    • Device gateway
    • Data warehouse
    • Queriable clinical data repository
  • The framework has been so designed to allow users to store; query and intelligently route high-frequency clinical data to multiple endpoints and systems (example – National TB or HIV/AIDS database)

Based on Microsoft MVC architecture, the E Clinic model has been designed to deliver data- based healthcare on the basis of socio-demographic and health indicators obtained from community-based screenings.

This innovative health delivery model will facilitate effective preventive and primary healthcare intervention in the rural areas of every state for the benefit of communities with poor access to quality healthcare.

EClinic flow


ProHealth E Clinics are staffed with para medics, technicians and pharmacists (if desired) who are trained to handle state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and simple clinic management software, all connected to a secure cloud server.

With the introduction of Digital E Clinic in the Primary Healthcare Centres, the government can provide access to affordable healthcare services in remote rural areas.

Work Flow:

The Radiology centre in the Digital E Clinic can perform almost all modalities in an X ray but predominantly designed for the most commonly used Chest X ray. The Pathology lab can perform up to 120 tests and all results are available under an hour. The results from the lab equipment is directly pushed to the Cloud repository for further remote assessment and analysis.

Several Epidemiological studies may be conducted based on disease prevalence either for screening or for diagnosis and remote assessment can be done to assist in early detection of diseases.

In the EMR system, the Patient is identified by unique identifiers to ensure non-duplication. The unique identifiers also help in follow-up and care continuum.

The data from each of these clinics are available to Health administrators through live dashboards to capture – live footfalls; vital parameters of the population; disease profiles of communities; disease trends; number of tests conducted, population indicators; etc.,

The Data can send alerts to the administrators for further immediate actions. Notifications can help in planning and preparation of seasonal disease outbreaks.

Stake Holder Benefits:
  • Patient

    Patient can be Screened; Diagnosed; and Assessed for primary healthcare and benefit from early detection of diseases as a Point of Care (POC) system. Can send the reports digitally to the specialists for immediate consultation. Huge benefits in savings on curative healthcare and in disease detection.

  • Payor / Government

    Population screening is the most important aspect in Primary care and it is the Government who is well equipped to perform this task. To overcome the challenge of distance and accessibility, the E clinic provides connectivity to several POC devices for immediate results.

  • Provider

    To bridge the huge disparity in specialist to patient ratio, enable diagnostic data to reach the specialist in real time for remote interpretation.

Prognosys has built a software platform – ProHealth™ which can “receive data” from POC medical devices, Laboratory and X ray systems - analyze and present it to the specialist in a form and fashion to provide greater healthcare benefits.

Form Factors: The ProHealth™ Digital E Clinic is a transformational clinic and offers changes from –
  • Isolated data to integrated health record
  • Local system to a centrally cloud based system
  • Stand-alone system to a mobile system

Rationale of a Digital Mobile Clinic – Indian context:

Rural Health Centers are critically short of trained medical personal. 8% PHC's don't have doctor's. 39% PHCs do not have Lab Technicians. 18% PHCs do not have a Pharmacist. 75% graduate doctors live in urban areas, serving only 28% of the population. To bridge the Doctor to Patient ratio, Digital Medical solutions are the best & most viable solution.

700 million people live in 6,36,000 Indian villages. Preventable and curable diseases dominate the morbidity patters of: diarrhoea, measles and typhoid. 66% of rural Indians do not have access to critical medicine. 31% of the population travels more than 30 kms to seek healthcare in rural India. A Digital Mobile Diagnostic clinic can solve many of the Public Health challenges.

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